This year, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will generate more than $4 billion during the Olympics. Our athletes will see next to none of it.

The Harsh Reality

There's no revenue sharing with Olympic athletes. And due to restrictive advertising rules, it’s nearly impossible for the average Olympian to support him or herself through sponsorship opportunities. It’s left many Olympians—the most important part of the Olympic Games—working full-time jobs just to compete. Others (nearly half of the USA Track & Field team) live below the poverty line in order to devote the time, energy and money needed to represent our nation at the highest level of world competition. Something has to change.


In 2012, Nick Symmonds and integrated marketing agency Hanson Dodge Creative (HDC) partnered to get this story out in the media. The result: Nick wore tape on his shoulder as a symbol and we sparked a conversation that led to the USATF dropping the advertising restrictions. That was just the beginning.

Who's already on board?

With the 2016 U.S. trials just around the corner, Symmonds, HDC and a handful of other pro athletes have already joined the cause. And now we want you to get on board.

Nick Symmonds

Two-time Olympian & Six-time USA Champion Middle-Distance Runner

Chris Carter

Two-time USA Champion Long Jumper

Katie Mackey

USA Championship Runner-Up Distance Runner

Jordan Scott

USA Champion Pole Vaulter

Lauren Fleshman

Two-time USA Champion Distance Runner

James Harris

Pro Middle-distance Runner & High Jumper

Wear the tape

It's time to get people talking. If you're with us—whether you're an athlete or a supporter—wear the symbol for the cause during the trials: a single piece of black tape on your shoulder.

Until then, support us by downloading the #OwnYourSkin graphic for your social profiles.

AthletesSupporter & Fans Download Social Profile Photo

Are you an athlete?

Are you an athlete planning to compete in the USA Olympic trials? Are you down with #OwnYourSkin? Wear a piece of black athletic tape on your shoulder during your event and through the week! And tell the story—to the media, to your social followers, to the general public.

If you want to let us know if you're planning on wearing the tape, give us a bit of info below. If not, just wear the tape and support the cause. (Any information shared will be kept private and only used to contact you for the #OwnYourSkin movement.)

Are you a fan or supporter?

Are you saying to yourself: IOC, USATF, WTF?

Show your support. Wear black tape! Cover your brand logos or flaunt it on your bicep. Whether you're planning on attending the trials or just want to support from the comfort of your own home, share a pic of yourself with the black tape on Twitter. And use the hashtag!

Follow the movement on Twitter at @ownyourskin2016 to stay up to date on what you can do to help. More to come!